Recent Before & After Photos

Grease Fire in Saugatuck, MI

We've all been there...You've started to warm up oil/grease to sauté vegetables or meat and suddenly you get distracted. The grease begins to overheat, ... READ MORE

Douglas, MI Apartment Fire Cleanup

When you live in an apartment you are not the only one that can cause a disaster. This apartment in Douglas was affected by soot damage from another tenant smo... READ MORE

Water Stains on Office Carpet in Holland, MI

A commercial building in Holland, MI suffered water damage to their gym and an office from an air conditioner leak. Brown spots or rings can occur in synthetic... READ MORE

House Fire in Covert, MI

This living room filled with blown-in insulation from the ceiling in Covert, MI was the result of the fireplace sparking a fire in the attic area. SERVPRO of V... READ MORE

Crawl Space Mold in South Haven, MI

Additions to homes are nice but can potentially lead to issues. Moisture under the addition caused some mold in their crawlspace. Knowing that they were not a... READ MORE

Fire and Water Damage, MI

This West Michigan home was suffered from a loss caused by the dryer. After the fire department was able to tame the flames the home owner contacted SERVPRO of ... READ MORE

Smoke Webs, MI

A fire loss occurred in this home spreading smoke webs and soot throughout the structure. A smoke web is the ionisation process of burning synthetic materials l... READ MORE

Heavy Soot, MI

This home suffered from a fire loss that originated in the laundry room. The smoke filled the laundry room, pooling in the hall and spread quickly throughout th... READ MORE

Sump Pump Failure, MI

A perfect storm occurred in this Michigan home. An exorbitant amount of rain fall followed by power outages and a saturated earth caused this sump pump system t... READ MORE

Electrical Fire, MI

A fire loss occurred in the utility room of this Michigan business. The furnace was running during the loss sucking up the smoke and soot .This allowed soot to ... READ MORE