Water Damage Photo Gallery

Warped paneled wall

Sump Pump Failure in Grand Rapids, MI

When sump pumps malfunction a lot of damage can be done to basements.  This home in Grand Rapids suffered a flooded basement after an exterior sump pump intrusion through a window.  Insurance paid out a minimal amount so we were able to work with the homeowners to keep costs down but still restore the space to avoid mold growth.

Warped countertop from water damage

South Haven, MI Rental Property Affected By Frozen Pipes

This rental home in South Haven suffered major damage from a pipe burst in the upper level bathroom after the utilities were turned off.  Water had been stagnant for an undetermined amount of time and affected cabinets, walls, and floors. The paint on the walls started to peel and water pooled inside of the paint. Some walls had multiple pockets of water trapped in the paint. Cabinets were unsalvageable due to warping. 

Water filled light fixture

Water Filled Light Fixture in Otsego, MI Farm House

An old farm house in Otsego sustained major water damage after a pipe in the upstairs bathroom broke while the owners were in Florida.  Water leaked into the main level hallway and filled the light fixture with water.  Our Crew Chief carefully removed the fixture without spilling any of the water to grab this great photo!

Warped Wood Walls in log cabin due to multiple frozen pipe breaks

Warped Wood Walls in Pine Grove, MI

Wood paneled walls give a cozy rustic feel but can cause major problems when affected by water.  This Pine Grove home had multiple pipe breaks causing high humidity in the home.  Wood naturally absorbs moisture in the air and expands, causing warping or buckling which is displayed in this photo.

Windows of log cabin with condensation and ice formation

Condensation and Ice on Windows in Shelbyville, MI Log Cabin

When windows are exposed to cold air on the outside and warmer, moist air on the inside, condensation occurs.  Once the temperature is below the dew point, the water vapor turns to liquid, and that liquid turns to ice crystals and frost.  This log cabin in Shelbyville experienced this when their boiler went out.

Mold on gun

Moldy Contents in Paw Paw, MI

After another company improperly restored this Paw Paw, MI homeowners basement, he knew he had to call SERVPRO of Van Buren County to take care of their issue properly.  Since the flood from a malfunctioned water softener was not originally cleaned and dried properly, contents in their basement started to grow mold on them.  Mold loves moisture and easily grows on wood and dust, which can be seen on this gun.

Wood buckled from water damage

Buckling Wood Floors in Saugatuck, MI

Property managers have to deal with many different issues daily.  This property manager knew exactly who to call when one tenant left the bathtub running for an unknown amount of time.  Wood flooring throughout the main level were affected as well as some drywall.  Our technicians were able to dry out the walls but needed to remove the flooring as it was not hardwood.   

Water pockets behind painted drywall and ceiling fallen in in garage due to a cracked toilet

Water Damaged Garage in Fennville, MI

Make sure to inspect your toilets for cracks periodically.  This Fennville home suffered major damage to their garage from a cracked toilet.  The photo shows water pockets behind painted drywall on the bulkhead and half of the ceiling fallen in.  After a water damage, we are Here to Help!

Wood floor buckling from water damage

Water Damaged Floor in Breedsville, MI

When wood gets wet and moisturized, the wood needs to accommodate the moisture.  This causes the planks to swell and needs to move upward to expand leading to buckling of the floor.  Our Production Manager found this in a rental property that had been deserted without the out-of-town landlords knowledge.  No power or heat resulted in pipes bursting at every fixture throughout the Breedsville home.

Flooded basement with mold growing

Basement Flood in Delton, MI

This lake house owner came back to a flooded basement with mold growing after their sump pumps burned out trying to keep up with the rising water level. 

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Water Damage - South Haven, MI

A fleet of our vehicles responded to a water damage at an apartment complex in South Haven, MI.  Two ground floor 2 bedroom apartments were flooded with 2" of water after a pressure tank sprung a leak.  

Dealing with water damage?  Call SERVPRO of Van Buren County today, (269) 639-0464.

West Michigan Water Loss, MI

With SERVPRO of Allegan/Barry County’s 24hour Emergency services we are always just a phone call away. 

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For help restoring your residential or commercial space after a water,fire or mold loss ,call SERVPRO of Allegan & Barry County at 269-686-0664.

Water Damage, MI

Pipe breaks are often unexpected and cause a great deal of damage. Luckily SERVPRO is “Always Here to Help”

Have Questions about Water damage?

For help restoring your residential or commercial space after a water,fire or mold loss ,call SERVPRO of Allegan & Barry County at 269-686-0664.

Pipe Burst, MI

During Michigan's cold winter season pipe breaks are common. When these event occur SERVPRO is "Always here to help". We like to do our best to assure our customers. Our crew created this path to prevent snow from being tracked into the residence. The mitigation was completed in a timely manner. The home owner was delighted by our extra effort.

Dishwasher Leak,MI

Our floor drying extraction mats hard at work. This home owner discovered the dishwasher was leaking and quickly contacted SERVPRO of Allegan & Barry County. We arrived on the scene and went right to work in order to save these beautiful wood floors. The home owner was overjoyed with the results. 

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Pipe break in seasonal home,MI

After returning these home owners were unhappy to find a pipe had broken in there home. Unsure of how long the water ran the damage was very extensive. After demo work was done and drying equipment was set. The home owners were relieved after they saw the work we had done.

SERVPRO of Allegan & Barry County is "Always here to help".

Water Damage in Paw Paw,MI

After a pipe break occurred our team was quick to respond! The home owner was pleased with our speed and accuracy in solving her water damage dilemma. The drywall and insulation was removed. Later air movers were placed to make it "Like it never even happened."